The Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard® gives you unlimited rewards. Every 1,000 points = $5 in free groceries.

  1. 1 Reward Point per eligible net $1 spent anywhere2 Mastercard is accepted.

  2. 2 Rewards Points per eligible net $1 spent in the Kroger Family of Companies (excluding fuel centers).

Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard®  benefits

An additional 55 off per gallon for one year each time you redeem at least 100 fuel points1 at participating Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard® Fuel Centers.

Earn free groceries with every eligible net purchase.2

The  Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard® is your ticket to instant savings at the fuel station.

Earn an additional $.55 off per gallon for ONE YEAR each time you redeem at least 100 fuel points. 1

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